Game Rules

Major Games available for the players at Wolf777 Official include Cricket, 32 Cards Deck (A&B), Open Teen Patti, Lucky 7, One Day Teen Patti, and 20-20 Teen Patti. Following are some of the rules that players should know:


The online game of cricket comprises 2 players placing bets against each other in a 5-over match. The player with the team having scored more runs will ultimately come out as a winner. Talking about the bowling side, wickets don’t have much significance in the outcome of the match, except one the team that has lost all of its ten wickets will be all-out. Even in the situation of a tied match, wickets don’t have any importance, and we have to instantly cancel the match with no winner. The names available for the two teams are IND and AUS.

It will be a card game comprising 70 card decks. Below are the run-scoring criteria:

Ace*10= 1 Run
2 * 10 = 2 Run
3 * 10 = 3 Run
4 * 10 = 4 Run
6 * 10 = 6 Run
K * 10 = Wicket

At the end of each over, the rates will be provided to each player. After the end of one inning, we will reshuffle the deck of cards. The scenario will be a bit different in the case of the second inning. Players will get the rates at the end of each of the first three. However, in the 4th and 5th over, the change in the rates will be after each ball.

32-Card Deck (A)

The game comprises a card deck similar to the one with 52 cards in which 20 cards are absent from Ace to Five. The game involves four players, to whom we are going to award some initial game points. The playing scenarios of this game are that every player will draw a card, and at the end of the game, the player with the highest total will be declared the winner. The points awarded initially will be considered default points.

The 32-Card Deck games comprise different levels. At the end of each round, one player gets eliminated based on a card score. After that, the next players proceed to further rounds and get eliminated one by one until there is a winner.

In the case where two players have scored the same points, both of them have to face elimination, and the remaining player proceeds further.

Lucky 7

The game comprises 8 complete decks of the total, which means there will be 416 cards that make 7 more of a probability game that will require some high-level calculation that can sometimes make the player consider it a game of luck. The whole outcome of the game will depend on the value of the single card based on which the winner will be decided. 3 sure outcomes of a single card are:

  • Either the card will be less than 7, i.e., between Ace to 6. In that case, the one with the low value wins.
  • Either the value of the card will be more than 7, which means it will be between 8 and King, where the one with the high value wins.
Following are some of the statistics regarding the Lucky 7 which might be helpful:
  • Lucky 7 comprises 8 decks which means 416 cards, out of which there will be 32 SEVEN, 192 UP, 192 DOWN, 208 RED and 208 BLACK,256 ODD, and 160 EVEN.
  • The probability of getting both UP and DOWN will be 46.15%, while the chance of getting a 7 will be 7.70%.
  • The chances of getting an Odd card will be 61.54% and an even card 38.46%.
Teen Patti

The game of Teen Patti is clear-cut and simple, where a limited number play with each other along with a dealer. The player with the high card wins. Below is the order of winning in decreasing manner:

Trail (AAA, KKK, QQQ, JJJJ…..)

Pure Sequence (AKQ, A23, 456, 789….) which means of the same colour.

Sequence (AKQ, A23, 456, 789….) of different colours and houses.

Any three cards of the same colour and house.

Pair of two same cards.

Higher cards.