Terms And Conditions

  • In order to create an account or place bets on Wolf777, you need to be 18 years of age or older.
  • The Wolf777 Official is an online betting exchange where placing bets is purely a game of skill, not luck. So any user who wishes to place a bet without having any calculative skill or dependent on chance or luck is not advised to place bets on Wolf777 Official.
  • Any kind of information available to the user-generated or collected by the website or services like marketing, batting data, results, statistics, fixture data, sporting data, or any kind of graphics, audio, or video available to the user on the website rightfully belongs to Wolf777 Official.
  • The Wolf777 Official holds the right to make changes to the existing terms and conditions or modify other details like house betting rules at any point in time. All the updates made will be published on the website instantly. It is the sole responsibility of the user to regularly for any updates and modifications in any gaming rule of the game or betting rule of the sports they are playing.
  • Users, while creating their account, need to agree to all the terms and conditions to proceed further to use Wolf777 Official online exchange platform. They are advised to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and only after that proceed further.

Read The Following Terms And Conditions Carefully:

  • Users should be acting on their behalf in their capacity and not on behalf of any other person.
  • Wolf777 Official does not allow any user to play who is restricted under any legal capacity.
  • Money deposited in the Wolf777 Official account should not have its origin from any illegal, criminal, or unauthorized activity.
  • You need to be aware of the fact that placing bets or playing any form of online games at Wolf777 involves a risk of losing money.
  • Customers need to make sure that their credentials for the Wolf777 account are safe and secure and should not be shared with any other people.
  • The user needs to avoid any kind of activity that degrades the operational performance of the Wolf777 Official.
  • Customers should not seek or try to obtain the personal information of any customer.
  • Use of any device or any kind of special software like a bot, spider, or any kind of means that can interfere with the normal functioning of the website is strictly prohibited.
  • Users need to deposit money from a source that only they have the authority to use. Using other people’s sources like debit/credit cards or any banking information is strictly prohibited.
  • Wolf777 Official employees are strictly prohibited to create an account on this online exchange to place bets or play any other online game.
  • While connecting with other players, users should not send or transfer any kind of harassing, abusing, threatening, blackmailing, pornographic material, or any kind of message or content that is objectionable by law in any way.
  • Only and only customers are liable for all the activities and any kind of transaction that are taking place within their account.